Friday, June 8, 2012

BB Cream Swatches & Review: SKIN79 and Missha

Finally!  I am here to review the four BB creams I ordered way back in March, swatched, photographed, and everything.  But I've been giving them a good testing so I can give my honest opinions about the products.  Please click 'Read More' to see more photos!

[if you do not know the origins of BB cream or what a BB cream is, I will redirect you to Squidoo HERE! for all things BB cream!]

The four BB creams I ordered are as follows:
  • SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super Beblish Balm [will be referred to as 'VIP Gold']
  • Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream No.21 [will be referred to as 'Missha Perfect Cover']
  • Missha BB Boomer
  • SKIN79 Super Beblish Balm Triple Functions [will be referred to as 'Hot Pink Label']

Where I purchased & for how much?
I know many people are very wary of purchasing cosmetics from eBay (as many sellers will sell fake products) but I go by this policy: READ THE SELLER'S FEEDBACK & REVIEWS ONLINE!  There are some sellers that are well talked about in the community, so a quick Google search can find you a lot.  I also make a point to go through the seller's feedback (I specifically read the negative feedback and what points are mentioned) before I decide to purchase.  Don't get lured into a product just because it's the cheapest one!  
The seller I chose to purchase the SKIN79 BB creams was ideaseller_kr (feedback 99.8%).  I purchased VIP Gold for $13.63 and Hot Pink Label for $13.83 with free shipping FROM KOREA.  Compared to the SKIN79 website or even, these are extremely cheap, and you can save at least 50% off the price.  Plus, they are authentic! (I'll point this out later)  And that's what matters most.
For the Missha BB creams, I ordered them from the Missha US website.  Missha was running a "contest" where you filled out a survey, and they would pick 700 winners to receive a Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21 and a BB Boomer.  Lo-and-behold, my survey was picked!  So all I had to pay was shipping ($8.99) for the two BB creams (value of $54.98 per their website).  You can definitely find these two BB creams much cheaper on eBay.

SKIN79 VIP Gold BB Cream
All four sides of the box for ingredients and product information.
This is how the box should look for an authentic SKIN79 VIP Gold BB cream.

The label on the back of the container is the authenticity label.
It ensures that you have an authentic product.
If it is tampered in any way or missing, you do not have an authentic SKIN79 BB cream.

What SKIN79 claims: BB CREAM THAT PRESENTS LUXURIOUS SKIN. Ingredients with an abundance of nutrition keep skin resilient and moist and its whitening and wrinkle fighting properties helps maintain clear and resilient skin, while giving the skin a natural and bright look.

This is the BB cream I had experience testing before I made this purchase.  I had purchased a sample from someone online many months ago and really loved the product.
What skin type is this aimed for?  This works best with dry skin as it is thick in consistency and very moisturizing.  It works great with other skin types as well (I use it and I have combination/oily skin).  I usually use this in the winter or when my skin is feeling parched from the weather.
What's the coverage?  This can be anywhere from light to full coverage.  It depends on how you apply it and how much you apply.  I like to wear this about medium coverage.  I also use it as an under-eye and blemish concealer & it works wonders.
What is the color range?  This product is only available in one shade.  Darker skin tones may have trouble getting this to match, possibly even after the product has oxidized.  The BB cream is a beige with a slightly yellow undertone.
What kind of wear can you get out of it?  I can assure at least 5 hours of good wear.  I keep my BB cream on until I wash my face at night, so I leave it on at least 10-12 hours.  The coverage really wears off around the 8 hour mark as I see my blemishes becoming visible again.  Still, never forget to remove your BB cream at night, just like you would foundation!  It will really dry your skin out.
Price:  Purchased from eBay for $13.63, can be found both lower and higher in price on eBay, as well as on the SKIN79 NA website for $28.00, or (direct link) for $29.30.
Does it live up to its claims?  I can't say for sure that this BB cream whitens my skin, but it does make my face appear much brighter and radiant.  No visible reduction of fine lines and/or prevention of wrinkles (hope I don't have those yet haha).  I can agree this makes my skin look clear, natural, and bright.
Would I recommend this product?  Absolutely!  If you have dry skin, this would be the perfect BB cream for you, and even if your skin isn't dry, it won't make you overproduce oil or break you out.  The consistency is a bit thicker than an average foundation (BB creams tend to be, in general) but it feels light and airy on the skin.  Perfect for summer months.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21

What Missha claims: The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturizing properties of a cream.  It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.

What skin type is this aimed for?  All skin types.
What's the coverage?  Light.  I have tried to build up the coverage by using it as a concealer under my eyes or on blemishes but it can't offer the same coverage as the SKIN79 BB creams.  Trying to build it up just makes the product streaky and considerably cakey.  It gets cakey usually around the sides of my nose and on blemishes.  This is actually lighter in consistency than the SKIN79 BB creams which run on the thicker side.
What is the color range?  Missha is probably the best Korean brand in terms of having multiple shades of their BB cream.  The shades they offer are #13 Milky Beige, #21 Light Beige (my color), #23 Natural Beige , #27 Honey Beige (the newest shade), and #31 Golden Beige (darkest shade offered on Missha US).  I am probably a MAC NC20-25 (good guestimate - I haven't been color matched) and the #21 is slightly lighter than my skin tone.  My skin is also uneven with some redness.  The undertones of this BB cream match me perfectly.
What kind of wear can you get out of it?  Honestly, this isn't the most long lasting BB cream I've ever used.  It wears off considerably before the 5-hour mark - it will look very uneven, as if there wasn't anything on your face already.
Price: Can be purchased from the Missha US website for $29.99, or you can find it for under $20 on eBay.
Does it live up to its claims?  No.  While the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream does offer a natural-looking finish for the skin, it does not even out my uneven complexion.  I find that it can apply streaky and offers some difficulty in blending, and can end up cakey in some spots.  I have not noticed any breakouts while using this product, so my acne-prone skin enjoys using this.
Would I recommend this?  Yes & no.  I like that this BB cream is really lightweight and perfect for the summer months when you don't want to wear a lot of heavy face makeup.  This would be a great BB cream for slightly drier skin types as this feels slightly unnatural on my often oily skin.  I will not be repurchasing this after I finish the product.

Missha BB Boomer

What Missha claims: BB Boomer gives Missha’s M BB Cream a boost that will increase it’s effect and extend its wearability. With added pearlized luminescence the BB Boomer will provide a radiant glow for a dewy complexion and angelic sheen. 
- Whitening + Wrinkle repairing
- Containing moringa, patent ingredient, mannan and olive ingredients which have an affinity with skin, it keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield, leaving it moisturized after makeup.
- Containing adenosine and arbutin, it improves skin tone and fine lines.

What skin type is this aimed for?  All skin types.
What's the coverage?  This product has no coverage as it is meant to be used as a primer for BB creams and to brighten up the complexion.
What is the color range?  It is only offered in one color.
What kind of wear can you get out of it?  I cannot say for sure that this extends the wear of my BB cream.  It lasts just as long as I've stated for the BB creams individually.
Price: Can be purchased from the Missha US website for $24.99, or it can be found on eBay for under $20.
Does it live up to its claims?  No.  I do not notice my BB creams lasting longer with this "primer".  I've used this with all 3 BB creams and it's nothing special.  I thought it would be great to use with the Missha Perfect Cover as I find that one can get cakey easily, but this does nothing to fill in fine lines or prep my face for the BB cream.  I do not notice any whitening with this product upon application.  I have not seen improvement in my fine lines with this product.
Would I recommend this?  No, I think this product is pretty useless in terms of makeup routine.  It's just an extra step.  Now, I'm not one who always says "primer is a waste!" as I do use a primer when I use foundation, but this BB Boomer just does nothing.  It applies and just disappears.  There are no magical effects with this, my face is not instantly moisturized, and I notice no improvements with my skin.  It does not prevent my BB cream from settling into the fine lines under my eyes, and it does not keep it from caking up.  I will not repurchase this after I finish it.

SKIN79 Hot Pink Label BB Cream
Authentic SKIN79 packaging.

Like all SKIN79 BB creams, this has the authenticity label.

What SKIN79 claims: TOTAL SOLUTION BB CREAM WITH 10-IN-1 EFFECTS. Moisture based triple function BB cream takes care of the base as well as colour makeup and allows the skin to look bright and natural without greasiness or feeling tight.

What skin type is this aimed for?  Oily and acne-prone skin (perfect for me!)
What's the coverage?  Anywhere from light to full coverage.  It all depends in the application and how much product you use.  I like to wear this at medium coverage, as well as using it as my under-eye and blemish concealer.  Works perfectly!  It is much like the VIP Gold BB cream in that it has a slightly thick consistency but it is super easy to blend.
What is the color range?  This product is offered in only one shade.  It is a light beige color.  Many people who use this BB cream state that it leaves a gray cast on the skin, but I personally have not had this problem.  It matches my skin perfectly.
What kind of wear can you get out of it?  I get 7-8 hours of wear out of this BB cream.  I've put it to the sweat test and can still get 5 hours out of it before the coverage starts to fade.  I notice this the most under my eyes and on blemishes (I use it as concealer).  It keeps my complexion evened out till about the 8 hour mark.
Price: Purchased from eBay for $13.83 but can be found lower and higher in price, can be purchased from the SKIN79 NA website for $28.00, or (direct link) for $33.60.
Does it live up to its claims?  Yes.  SKIN79 Hot Pink Label BB cream instantly brightens up my complexion upon application, doesn't feel greasy sitting on the skin, and does not dry my face out like a mattifying foundation would.  It has great color coverage and hides all imperfections.
Would I recommend this?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!  This is definitely my favorite out of the four not only because it suits my skin type, but also because it matches my skin tone perfectly and offers fantastic coverage.  The price is inexpensive compared to other BB creams.  The pump is also fantastic - I don't have to dip my finger into the product, and you can control the amount of product dispensed.  This is my Holy Grail!


As you'll see from the swatches, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is the lightest of the 3 BB creams, and its slightly yellow undertone is quite obvious.  SKIN79 VIP Gold is lighter in shade than the Hot Pink Label, but they're a similar shade of beige with the undertone not quite as obvious as the Missha BB cream.  The most interesting thing about the Missha BB Boomer that I really wished the camera could have picked up is the pink sheen to it.  It's really strange.  It applies like a white lotion, but immediately as you begin to blend it, it gives off a pearlescent pink sheen.  I've never seen a primer of sorts do this.

I received a few samples from my orders and figured I would show them.
I really loved the Kiwi Face Mask - it was very relaxing and my face was moisturized after I removed it.  Would definitely love to purchase more of these!
I have yet to use the Missha sample.
I did like the Skinfood Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB cream.  I did a review of it on my YouTube channel if you would like to know my thoughts about the product.  I will most likely order a full-sized BB cream from the Good Afternoon line, but I might go with another one (such as the Cinnamon Apple, which is the one I'm currently eyeing!).


Thank you for reading!  I have wanted to do this post for so long, but like I said before, I really wanted to make sure I had a solid opinion of the BB creams before posting about them.  I hope this was helpful for anyone looking to purchase these specific BB creams, and be sure to look for future reviews!  I'm a BB cream fanatic... :)

Hope you all have a lovely day! xx


  1. This is a great post.

    I also love the hot pink label :)


  2. Thanks for the post! Very informative.

    The Hot Pink BB cream I ordered is currently on it's way to me, glad you liked this one. I can't wait to try it!


    1. I hope you like it! Definitely a holy grail product for me, no matter what time of the year it is! :)

  3. I just ordered the hot pink skin 79 from amazon , do you think it is safe to get a real product not fake? Only costing me $14 and thats with shipping.seller is seaoulglamour from korea , they have good rating. Thanks, just found your blog while looking up reviews for bb creams. Love your site and all great makeup info !

    1. If the seller has a high rating and no complaints of counterfeit products, you should be fine! I've read a lot of reviews where people purchased it from Amazon and had good experiences. And you got it for a great price! I hope you like it! :)

  4. This stuff is so good. I just got my pink Skin79 BB and I'm waiting for a couple of travel sized Missha ones to arrive.
    I only had the Skin79 on once, but I'm already in love with it. Such a great substitute for a foundation, especially in Summer.
    I have dry skin and even though it's supposed to be designed for those with oily skin, it still works great.

    I ordered my Skin79 from Amazon and Missha from their official website.
    I was happy with Amazon, it was fast and it's original :)

    1. Isn't the Hot Pink label great? It's got fantastic coverage but isn't heavy on the face which makes it wonderful for the summer.
      I've found that on days when my cheeks feel a bit dry, the Hot Pink label still provides enough moisture. It is very versatile for all skin types, I think!

      Glad to hear your purchase went smoothly! Enjoy your BB cream goodies! ^^

  5. Esse BB Cream é realmente muito bom! Vendemos também na loja sem custos alfândegários e com frete grátis! Depois dá uma olhada, temos outros BB creams tb! Compre esse BB Cream Missha Perfect Cover Original

  6. I am from saudi arabia. I buy skin79 products a lot because i sell them in my country. Can you inform me about your prices?

  7. I think that after reading all this and I'll go with Missha. Thanks for the info...

  8. I know this is an old blog post, but I still want to thank you for writing it :) It really helped me in choosing what kind of BB cream I wanted to try for myself. I ended up on the Skin79 VIP Gold. I really can't wait to try it! :D

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